“There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward you can remove all traces of reality.”

Pablo Picasso

Today’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is Abstract : “turn the concrete and familiar into something new and mysterious,” and so, because I’m supposed to be working but would rather fart around with photo editing (shhh, don’t tell the boss.  Oh wait, I AM the boss! Haha!), I thought I’d throw this one into the bunch.  Not sure if I’ve captured the Abstract theme strongly enough, but for a phone app, I suppose it did the trick.


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The future

“It seems sometimes that we get so caught up in missing the past, or looking forward to the future, that we forget that this, right here and now, was once the days we longed for and will soon be the ones we miss.”    John A. Ashley


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The wheels on the bus

Oh, just a little silliness for you on a perfectly sensible Thursday.

DH and I going for lunch yesterday when our local bus went by us.  I didn’t think we were quite so far into the mountains that we’d need to see the mountain goats taking transit. I mean, we’ve seen some burly folks on the bus but nothing quite like this. Really we’re more valley/delta type folks.  Or maybe that was the problem  – we’re too far from the alpine rocks, the mountains and formations, and Billy needed a ride home.


Truthfully though, either Billy was scared stiff – have you seen the drivers in this town? – or he was already previously stiff.

Taxidermied stiffed. Stuffed even.

I would’ve given my right horn to see him get on board the bus.

But then, my dear friend and neighbor said, “Oh!! I wonder.  Is he a support animal?  I heard they let a turkey on an airplane as a support animal.”

And she was right.  About the turkey.

Delta DID let a turkey (unstuffed – dressing, fluffing, or otherwise) onto a flight. In the Comfort Plus Section!


Now I’ve heard of and seen everything.

Apparently they will sometimes draw the line at pigs (clean ones allowed, however) and yes, the line “when pigs fly” must be used often here.

Not sure about turkeys.

Or mountain goats.

We’re going to need some new lines for the unachievable.









“Under the thinning fog the surf curled and creamed, almost without sound, like a thought trying to form inself on the edge of consciousness.”
Raymond Chandler, The Big Sleep


Pacific City, Oregon

I may add thoughts later, but for now, it’s Friday afternoon in my neck of the woods and I’m tired – it’s been a long week – so I’ll leave you imagining the sound of the waves on the sand, the far-off cry of a seagull or two, and maybe the sharp sound of a horn from a fishing boat coming in off the ocean.

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Landscape

Saturday, in the park

Out at Burnaby Lake on Saturday, waiting for my boy who was at his paddling practice. I went for a walk along the grandstands (which were built in 1971 to watch the rowing at the second Canada Summer Games) and, who was nestled below but mother goose.  She watched me from below, her neck craning to see where I was going, and I watched her from above.  Quietly.

Not to disturb.

Father goose wasn’t far away. Perched on an outcropping. Guarding.


One is always on call when you’re a parent. Always taking care.

At one point, momma got up and, with her beak, started pulling fluff and down closer in and over the eggs. She then repositioned herself and sat back down, wiggling into a comfortable place.


Two geese attempted a fly-in while I stood there and father lept into action, honking and flying at them until they realized they’d taken a wrong turn and left. Let me tell you, there was much ado on the lake with Mother goose honking to him the whole time, and him honking to the trespassers and back at her.

I love this lake. Wouldn’t dare swim in it, but it’s a wild and beautiful place if you’re a paddler – waterfowl, teenage boy, or other.





“I am glad you are here with me. Here at the end of all things, Sam.”

Lord of The Rings. Tolkien.

Our senior dog, run out of steam at the end of her walk at the end of the day, and my husband carrying her the rest of the way home. She didn’t last many months longer after that before we had to put her down. She was almost eighteen.

This quote is just a snippet of a story about a friendship and we were so fortunate to have a beautiful friendship with this lady, and lucky to be able to be with her at the end of all things.

She’s gone almost three years now, and we still miss her every day.

The Daily Post weekly photo challenge: Half-Light. Share a photo inspired by a poem, verse, song lyric, or story.