Street Photography

I’m an amateur.


The thought of taking people’s pictures terrifies me.

Specifically the thought of taking pictures of people I don’t know.


I’m not sure if it’s just that I’m afraid they’ll get mad

or embarrassed

or worried,


 because I wonder, is it construed as rude

to take photos of people you don’t know

without their permission?

But I can’t help it –

I just love taking pictures of people.

Especially people who have such great character …


Because there is beauty

in the unlikeliest places

and sometimes in the unlikeliest faces.

And I would love to be able to

be easy

and relaxed

with my subject

and maybe even invent a story or two along the way.

Two of my favourite photographers are Mary Ellen Mark and Vivian Maier because I love the way they capture pathos in their subjects.

There just seems to be that extra something about the black and white photo,

in my opinion,

that elicits a greater empathy

and sympathy

and perhaps also a deeper connection

to the subject.

And one day, I’d love to be able to take photos of these seemingly interesting amazing people I see

without being afraid.

Without trembling.

Without being nervous.

And I’d love to know how to overcome this anxiety.


3 thoughts on “Street Photography

  1. Me too. How vividly I can relate to your words here. So many times I have witnessed a magical light flash over a person, and how I long to snap a fast photo, but how quickly anxiety and fear thwarts me.

    Beautiful images here. That last one was absolutely fascinating. I love photos of people that capture the pathos and character…there is something so exquisitely beautiful in that moment…

    I really loved the black-and-white of the lass on Powell…what a dolefully beautiful image…such pathos indeed. Excellent post. Ebullient cheers,

    Autumn Jade


    • Hi Autumn Jade,

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, and for the compliments! They were/ are greatly appreciated! I tend to take my street shots of people surreptitiously, preferring a candid shot, but probably moreso because an obvious, in-your-face approach petrifies me; there have been many great shots that I’ve missed because of this, even though the subject was probably unaware that I was nearby, because I was simply afraid of “getting caught”. Sigh. Must work on being bolder. 🙂

      Anyway, hope you have a marvellous day! Thanks so much for following!


      • Yes…the “getting caught” fear has seized me many-a-time and aborted a perhaps majestic photo, too. I must work on this, as well…we really are missing some wonderful artwork, I think. I have found even when I have managed to gain the courage, I tend to take atrocious photos because I am so nervous and hurried unless I am exquisitely hidden. Blast!

        I hope to one day gain the courage to do an “Ocean People” series, where I take photos of the people I meet on the beach or even in the water, everyday (people I meet and chat with just fine if I am devoid of camera), and put up little stories they share with me about their times at sea. I am very, very far away from this project, at the moment, I fear…blast!


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