The wheels on the bus

Oh, just a little silliness for you on a perfectly sensible Thursday.

DH and I going for lunch yesterday when our local bus went by us.  I didn’t think we were quite so far into the mountains that we’d need to see the mountain goats taking transit. I mean, we’ve seen some burly folks on the bus but nothing quite like this. Really we’re more valley/delta type folks.  Or maybe that was the problem  – we’re too far from the alpine rocks, the mountains and formations, and Billy needed a ride home.


Truthfully though, either Billy was scared stiff – have you seen the drivers in this town? – or he was already previously stiff.

Taxidermied stiffed. Stuffed even.

I would’ve given my right horn to see him get on board the bus.

But then, my dear friend and neighbor said, “Oh!! I wonder.  Is he a support animal?  I heard they let a turkey on an airplane as a support animal.”

And she was right.  About the turkey.

Delta DID let a turkey (unstuffed – dressing, fluffing, or otherwise) onto a flight. In the Comfort Plus Section!

Now I’ve heard of and seen everything.

Apparently they will sometimes draw the line at pigs (clean ones allowed, however) and yes, the line “when pigs fly” must be used often here.

Not sure about turkeys.

Or mountain goats.

We’re going to need some new lines for the unachievable.









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